Daniel’s media dream becomes reality

Profile photo of Daniel Gada After a lifetime of dreaming of being in the media industry, Daniel Gada is finally living it at 95bFM. He completed his Be. Employed Internship at the Auckland University student radio station and was then offered a permanent Mainstream contract. He works in all aspects of the company, including archiving, news production, voicing, and marketing.

Up until starting his internship in December 2017, Daniel never imagined he would have the opportunity to pursue his goals of working in radio. With hospital visits disrupting his schooling, he says he never saw university as an option, but his dreams of working in the media industry ticked on in the back of his mind. "When I left high school, no one gave me any encouragement of following a dream or passion". But after seven years of unemployment, and brief stints in call centres and retail, he eventually gave university a go. "I just focused on that goal".

After finishing his Diploma in Radio Journalism and Broadcasting, Daniel worked in the reception of an advertising agency for a year. His sister then found the Be. Employed internship advert for the 95bFM position, which he applied for. "Once you have a vision, things just start to come true".

"Things like that don’t happen for everyone and it's only because of these amazing opportunities that I'm here. We all need a little help … There is no way I could've done this on my own". Daniel says that no matter your circumstance, the trick is to be confident, "own your role" and prove that you have every right to be there. "You have to walk into the role and act like you're the last person to have it". The team at 95bFM have fallen in love with his work ethic and are completely mindful of his illness, Beta Thalassemia Major, that requires him to get monthly blood transfusions.

Daniel is also on the 2018 Be. Leadership programme and loves the challenge of it. "I think leadership is about being the first person to say, 'I'm going to do this' and encouraging others to do that too. It's not necessarily a figurehead like a head of state or CEO … It's very 'come from within' and 'change your thought process.' For example, today I took my medicine and I was like 'this is awful' and then I was like 'no it's not, it's really good for me'. You still have to deal with everything, but it's about the thought-process".

Daniel says he is grateful for the opportunities Be has presented to him. "Be has put me in a place where I finally feel like I'm doing what I've always wanted to do".