Fab 50 and Be. Accessible Making it Happen

by Sarah Mitchell, Be. Employed Programme Coordinator
Fab 50 and Be. Accessible On the 11th of May AUT University (Be. Institute founding member) hosted the Be. Fab 50 Network at the gorgeous Four Seasons Restaurant.
The Fab 50 network is a group of highly influential individuals who support the vision of a truly accessible New Zealand and pledge their commitment to the Be. Accessible social movement.
This auspicious gathering of Fab 50 champions, the Be. Team and Be. Board was not only a wonderful celebration of our 5th Birthday and a chance for reflection on what has been achieved over the past 5 years, it was also an opportunity for the Fab 50 to consider potential areas of influence and support with respect to Be. Accessible and the Social Movement.
In a short time Be. has achieved so much! There are now more than 80 Be. Leaders across the nation, hundreds of businesses making "access for all" a core value and business priority, and nearly 40 young tertiary students being placed into meaningful internships and employment across a diverse range of professions. While these statistics are good, they are not good enough to "tip the scales" and make New Zealand 100% accessible for every citizen.
It is clear that in order to move forward from inspiring conversations to increased action and momentum we need to do much more. Martin Fenwick (CEO of Altris and Fab 50 member) led a one-hour facilitated session where the group explored, both individually and collectively, their professional areas of expertise, opportunities for influence and commitment.
This group is clearly very proud to be part of the Be. Accessible movement- we look forward to forging ahead together, contributing towards making New Zealand the most accessible country in the world.