Festival for the Future 2016- ideas for a better world made more accessible

19th September 2016
Festival for the Future 2016

Festival for the Future 2016 is taking place on 23-25th September at the Aotea Centre in Auckland, and this year it's bigger and more accessible than ever.  
Inspiring Stories Marketing and Communications Manager Iris Riddell, previously a member of the Be. Accessible team, told us about how the FFTF team have worked hard to make the event has accessible as possible.
Iris says:
"More than ever before we've really been looking at things through a Be. Lens in our approach this year.  Some of the things we're really proud of are, for example, we've got a group attending from the Blind Foundation who I've been in touch with ahead of time and have sent them all screenreader compatible versions of the programme.  We'll have NZSL interpreters as usual and one of our speakers is a young leader from the Deaf community - Rachel Berry, who is an absolute gem. We have a sensory chill zone this year for people who might get overwhelmed with all the goings-on at Festival, and we're collecting accessibility information about all our attendees when they register so we can make sure they're looked after.
We’re also delighted that Be. Leadership programme director Philip Patston will also be joining the conversation as panelist in the Future of Equality session, sharing his thoughts about how we can create a diverse and accessible society for all."
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