From cleaning to accounts: Daniel's employment journey

Daniel Yep Daniel’s life has completely turned around following his Be. Employed Internship. He tells his story:

The first time I met Sarah and Jake was in September 2014 at the University of Auckland Disability Services Careers Office, where I had regularly met Careers and Employment Advisor Susanna Van de Meer. I studied a Bachelor of Commerce/Science conjoint degree at UOA, majoring in Accounting and Statistics.

I moved from having a cleaning job at Media Works for 2 years to having a 6 week Internship at BNZ in the city. I really appreciated the time and effort from Sarah and Jake to secure a place at this Internship. I was in the Accounting/Finance Team and really enjoyed the tasks I was required to complete. The rest of the BNZ team was extremely delighted with my efforts and team spirit.

Even after the Internship finished, I was working at Pak 'n Save Royal Oak in the seafood department for about 1 year and 5 months, which I gained without any assistance. Working at Pak 'n Save was very enjoyable and a great way to gain teamwork and customer services skills.

After Pak 'n Save I worked at United Parcel Services as an Accounts Receivable Clerk. This was my first permanent full time job, and I began this career in May 2016 about 2 months before I completed my university conjoint degree.

Since my interview techniques were enhanced after assistance from Sarah and Jake over all these years, it was not difficult for me to secure an interview for another position. I am now working at FleetPartners as an Accounts Payable Administrator and really enjoy it.

This job has given me the opportunity to attend regular meetings and speak on behalf of the Accounts Payable team to "voice" our opinion about how we can make the workplace better. It is great to be able to have a say on this because it means I can help make work more engaging for all the staff members and I am very pleased that I have taken the responsibility to be the “Voice of Employee” for my team.

For the foreseeable future, I am wanting to continue my job at Fleet Partners and have no plans to find a new job. I would like to continue taking part in more and more activities with the company, attend more events and perhaps gain more work experience.

It is always difficult to get the first full time permanent job so I must really thank Sarah and Jake for their hard efforts in ensuring I succeed in my career path, particularly their assistance in my CV, cover letter and interview skills and techniques.