Gold Standard Service at Government House Wellington

15th July

Government House WellingtonGovernment House Wellington is an incredibly beautiful, historical building. It is home to the Governor General and spouse, when they are not travelling New Zealand to perform their many and varied duties. Government House is open for the public to visit (by appointment), and the Visitor Centre offers guided tours free of charge.

Something else that is very special about Government House Wellington, and another reason why you should visit, is that the team there are incredibly committed to accessibility, and do everything they can to make your visit as comfortable and accessible as possible.

When Government House commissioned a Be. Welcome Assessment in November 2015 they were already doing well in most areas, and received a Silver accessibility rating. They were given a plan with recommendations that would get them up to Gold and over the past 6 months this dedicated team have been working really hard to make these improvements. At the beginning of this month they were awarded a Gold Accessibility rating-awesome work Government House!

Government House Wellington displaying its Gold Be. Welcome stickerWe spoke with the Customer Service team from the Visitor Centre and they told us that the Be. Welcome assesment process had been eye-opening for them. Prior to the assessment they had been aware that their premises were pretty accessible. Government House as a whole has best possible visitor-experience at its core, and guided tours were already tailored to the needs of individual visitors. But what the assessment did was to make them more aware of the broad range of things that need to be considered to make it a better experience for all. And what has also come out of this broader understanding is that any future changes that are made will have accessibility as the starting point.

When asked why they would recommend other businesses embark on an accessibility journey they said- “it might seem hard to undertake, but it’s actually all about ticking off simple, practical, easy to achieve things. And each of these changes makes the experience better for everyone”.

You should definitely book yourself onto one of these tours when you’re next in Wellington. A visit to Government House is absolutely magical, and you’ll be amazed by how jaw-droppingly beautiful it is!

Gold service standard at Government House WellingtonAnd you will find the accessible service that you receive there absolutely Gold Standard- as they say “just as the Queen herself would receive”!

To book a place on a guided tour visit the Governor-General’s website: or call 04 382083904 3820839. For a community/service group, retirement home, workplace or school group tour email