HELP's culture of accessibility is welcoming to all

14th February 2017
The HELP team recieving their silver accessibility awardCongratulations! We are delighted to announce that amazing support provider HELP Auckland have this month been awarded a Silver Accessibility rating.
In January 2014 HELP commissioned a Be. Welcome Assessment, and were awarded a Bronze accessibility rating, which demonstrated a real commitment to undergoing an accessibility journey.
Since that time they have brought on a dedicated volunteer project manager who, working closely with our Accessibility Advisor, has embarked on some outstanding improvements. They have implemented some significant changes both to the physical environment- we love the enhancements to the entrance and emergency exit - and also to their communications and culture.
Through smart planning they factored accessibility improvements into work they were undertaking to make their building earthquake-safe. We are so impressed with their dedication- through developing an exemplary accessibility policy they have truly woven accessibility into their culture and the fabric of what they do.
For the team from HELP, accessibility is part and parcel of creating a welcoming environment for all who visit to truly feel at home.
Well done HELP- we love your awesome commitment to embracing this shared vision of 100% accessibility for all.