It's time to explore what is possible when we look at the world through a lens of possibility

April 2017

Recently I had the great privilege of being interviewed by the extraordinary Kim Hill on Radio New Zealand. What I had thought would be a quickish interview turned into an amazing forty-five minute heartfelt exploration of my recent encounters with New Zealand’s health system. Kim and I spoke at length about how my experiences as a partially blind woman with cancer have renewed my passion to increase access throughout all areas of New Zealand society.

Over the last six years, as founder and CEO of the social change agency Be. Accessible, I have had the joy of watching large numbers of individuals and organisations embrace greater access. Hundreds of organisations – large and small – have committed to our accessibility programs. More than one hundred leaders with access needs have worked through our year-long leadership program. And a growing number of talented young professionals with access needs are finding meaningful work through our initiatives with incredible employers!

My interview with Kim is about the need to create a new conversation – one where we, as New Zealanders, ask ourselves: what is important to us? What do we want to prioritise as a nation? How might we value all our people – including the one million citizens with access needs?

An accessible Aotearoa would not only dramatically reduce the current hidden costs we are paying as a society, it would also unlock the massive opportunities present in the burgeoning access economy and marketplace!

It's time to explore what is possible when we look at the world through a lens of possibility, rather than one of limitation or deficit.

Here at Be. we are currently establishing the Be. Lab – a hub which will identify and nurture product and service innovations greatly benefiting the lives of those with access needs.

We are also establishing an ambitious innovation fund to position New Zealand as the global centre of access innovation.

If you can help get our innovation lab up and running, or if you are keen to shape New Zealand’s future by investing in our fund or summit, please do feel free to contact me.

Together we can make New Zealand the most accessible country in the world! Let us all Be. the possibility!