K9 packs for our canine friends

An image of a dog bed and the K9 pack given to canines staying at Sudima Auckland Airport Hotel Earlier this year, the wonderful Sudima Auckland, owned by Fab50 member Sudesh Jhunjhnuwala rolled out an incredibly creative, innovative and useful initiative: K9 Packs! These packs are designed specifically for our furry friends accompanying guests to the hotel.

Sudima Auckland Airport’s Hotel Manager Riza Suryo says the idea came from his team after thinking about how to better understand the needs and wants of the guests. This also includes the needs and wants of the dogs – they are guests too after all! It helps that his team is full of animal lovers, and keen to look deeper into the accessibility requirements of their guests.

An important part of the hotel’s philosophy for access customers with assistance dogs is to understand the relationship between the guest and the dog. Riza says that it is incredibly important for the team at his hotel to take care of that relationship and to deliver above expectation. When an access customer discloses that they will be accompanied by a dog, the team will prepare a pack for the guest, which includes a little bed, a bowl and some treats.

In the few months that the initiative has been rolled out, the response has been very positive, and creates that 'wow factor' when guests are given the packs.

Sudima Auckland has also implemented access innovations in other ways to better serve the needs of access customers. The hotel also has gadgets that go under pillows and vibrate in the event of a fire alarm. This is an excellent piece of equipment for the safety of people with hearing impairments.

These new initiatives show excellent creativity in honouring the incredibly important relationship between guests and their assistance dogs.