Limitless with Support

17th September 2016
We are all limitless with supportBe. Leadership Alumna Neelu Memon today launched her “Limitless with Support” campaign. We asked her to tell us a little bit about how this campaign came about and what she hopes to achieve.

Neelu told us:
"In present day society we are discouraged from embracing support. Instead we are pushed to value independence and self-sufficiency. We are taught these skills in our schooling. But the truth is, learning skills of how to enlist support, and give support to others may actually be more beneficial to gaining access to more opportunities, facilitating growth and development.
Coming out of a brain injury with sight and balance impairments when I was 16, I struggled to understand how I was going to make a life for myself. It was only when I was challenged by a passionate mountain climber to believe in myself and allow him to support me to climb the 3000m high Mount Aspiring in Wanaka, that I even thought about the power of support. Three weeks later as I stood a top that mountain I realised that support enabled me to be limitless! I could achieve any goal I wanted with support despite the barriers I face.
I want to reframe this idea of support- it's not a weakness. Support makes things richer, and it’s something that is common to everyone- we’re all supported to achieve our dreams to some extent.
Today marks the launch of this campaign called "Limitless with Support" based on this model. In Wellington Harbour 5 disabled paddlers supported by 5 passionate kayakers from the community will undertake a journey across the Wellington harbour to demonstrate the power of support.
The first step of the campaign will be to start working with sports clubs in Petone to enable them to be more inclusive. By working with these clubs to provide members who have the skills and attributes necessary to connect with people with disabilities this will enable all members of our community participate in that sport.
I hope to roll this model out to clubs nationwide, and eventually I hope to create a web-platform to match people who share passions, to connect, share skills and support disabled people within those areas of shared interest.
We are always ready to invite people to participate in the things we are passionate about. And by putting together people who share passions so much can come from this relationship.

Please be a part of this change and be willing to both take and give support to others."

By Neelu Memon