Lovely Maralit

Maralit standing in the ASB archI can climb mountains and shoot for the moon even if I miss I will be among the stars. This is about an experience that brought the best out of me. I never thought I would be pushed to my limits and still have the support to help me stand back up on my feet.

In September 2017, I received the news that I had been offered an Event Managing Internship with Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) for February 2018 through Be.Employed. The anticipation builds as the time ticks down closer, nerves are going crazy and for me the anxiety monster began to eat me. I have been diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression in 2016 and as crazy as it seems, I love the chaos and mundane nature of the production and operation of major events.

Day one and it was already a rollercoaster; unfamiliar faces said their welcome and greetings. This was a place that I see myself grow and develop as an individual and as an emerging event planner. Despite this joy, I still faced the anxiety monster in front of me, there were days that I did not want to get out of bed, days that as simple as hearing someone laugh at the office made me feel like they laughed at me. However, it was reassuring that Be. Accessible provided me the platform to feel okay about disclosing my accessibility needs to my employer. I have felt that there is still a negative stigma with individuals who has Anxiety and Depression,  which stops me from reaching out beyond my skills and my own expectations.

In my experience I built so many new contacts, in my experience I saw myself developed to the person I dreamed to be. Now I face the world ahead of me, I am ready because I am part of Be.