New Zealand's first accessible cereal

Scotty Baragwanath from Blue Frog with Minnie BaragwanathWe're really excited to announce that New Zealand's first accessible cereal is now on the shelves- with accessible easy-to-read and easy-to-open packaging it's got to be on the menu for your Christmas breakfast!
Blue Frog is the brain child of Scotty Baragwanath who began this enterprise with a commitment to creating healthy cereals from high quality whole food ingredients in April 2015. For Scotty a key part of the ethos of Blue Frog is accessibility in terms of dietary requirements- all the adult range are gluten free, and all Blue Frog products are free from refined sugars or artificial additives or preservatives. With dietary accessibility as a core pillar value it made sense with re-design of packaging this year for Blue Frog to ensure that the branding and packaging was as truly accessible to as many people as possible.
We love the bright, colourful packaging, and excellent colour contrast and large font- even the nutritional information is in 12pt large readable font size!
It has been absolutely fantastic to work with Blue Frog to develop a New Zealand first in accessible packaging – it has been wonderful experience learning together. We are looking forward to continuing to develop together in this space with future innovations.
We asked Scotty to tell us a little about the process. He told us "At Blue Frog we are all about true innovation and creating incredible nutritious and delicious breakfast experiences for everyone that are quick and easy. We have created products that meet a broad range of dietary requirements for both adults and kids but we had a desire to go one step further on our accessibility focus. We decided to partner with Be. Accessible to open up a whole new area of accessibility. We are very excited by the results of this relationship – a design format which is truly accessible to all, clean pack design, clear pack navigation, large font size and easy to open bags. We hope this will help to show other manufacturers in the FMCG environment how simple changes at the design stage can make a huge impact on accessibility for our customers."