Pep Talk a success for the fourth year running

Pep TalkThis month our partner Capability Group hosted our Be. Employed interns for their unique 2-day 'PepTalk' Programme. It was a dynamic session, with thought-provoking conversation about young people's role within the workforce, and how to best utilize our skills.

Capability Group noticed across their corporate clients that many graduates don't have the requisite skills or capabilities to get up to speed on the job quickly. On the other side, they also heard from graduates that they struggle to get their first 'real' job due to their lack of work experience or skills.

PepTalk was an initiative launched by Capability Group to address the 'preparedness gap' of young people transitioning between tertiary study and the world of work. The programme provides insightful tips and techniques to effectively manage the transition from study to work, while providing the skills recruiting managers expect from new graduates. This is the fourth year they have run this programme exclusively for Be. Employed students.

The facilitator and students discussed different communication styles, developing your strengths, finding your skills, understanding career missions, positive mindsets, how to give and receive feedback, finding your networks, positive framings, and building a brand.

Here is what one of our participants had to say about their time on PepTalk: "What really stuck with me was the communication styles we learnt about. I feel like it’ll be so helpful no matter what job I end up with in the future! Also learning about how to ‘brand' yourself and ‘sell’ yourself and your skills to get a job is something that I really struggle with, but now feel so much more confident in my ability to get and keep a job!”