Sudima Hotel Group puts Braille in each and every hotel room

17th January 2017
A photo of a hotel room from one of the Sudima HotelsWe're excited to announce this month that the fabulous Sudima Hotel Group, who are true accessibility champions, have developed an innovative way to incorporate braille into each and every hotel room. This innovative design, which was developed in partnership with the Blind Foundation and Be. Accessible, is another New Zealand first. A transparent braille insert is to be included at the front of the Sudima Hotel Group information folders, which will be found in each and every hotel room across their chain. This information page will welcome customers in braille and inform them that a full compendium in braille is available from reception. The text Welcome page will be visible below it.
The transparent plastic braille insert will be more hard-wearing than using braille paper or card, and will also have the additional benefit of protecting the pages beneath it.
While a transparent braille sheet has been used before (The Blind Foundation uses these for twin vision books) it has never been integrated within a hotel information booklet before, so is a New Zealand -, and perhaps even World - first!
The braille insert will be launched soon at Sudima Lake Rotorua, and then expanded to all the hotels in the group.
We congratulate the Sudima Hotel Group for truly embracing accessibility as a core value across their hotel chain, and continuing to strive to provide the very best service to all their customers.