Talking web accessibility with New Zealand’s future designers

Sarah at Marist CollegeEarlier this month, we were pleased to be invited to Auckland’s Marist College to speak about web accessibility. Aotearoa’s next generation of leaders, designers, employers and change-makers showed huge interest in making their technologies inclusive for everyone. The class are currently creating their own websites and one of the learning objectives, is to ensure that the final product is accessible to a wide audience.

Be. Employed Relationship Manager Sarah Mitchell presented to one of the year 10 technology classes, and together they discussed the W3C Accessibility Guidelines and the types of barriers that one in four New Zealanders with disabilities may face when accessing information on line.

Sarah says the experience was a privilege. “These young Generation Zers and budding web designers had lots of great ideas and insight into what digital best practice might look like along with a healthy dose of curiosity. It was a privilege to spend a session with such a highly engaged and digitally savvy group of young women.”

Technology teacher Rebecca Ronald, who invited us in, says the girls gained a lot from the experience. “This was a great opportunity to get the girls thinking about the value of an accessible society for all. We discussed how we can work together to remove barriers to the one in four New Zealanders who live with some form of long term health condition or disability. As the girls continue to build their websites they will be making sure that they are accessible to all users.”