The incredible potential of International Women's day

Viva high tea International Women’s Day is just around the corner and there are events all over the globe to celebrate the incredible achievements by women. Our CEO Minnie Baragwanath will be joining globally-acclaimed designer Collette Dinnigan and Dr Hinemoa Elder to share their journeys and stories.

As we celebrate diversity, it is important to remember that the concept of diversity crosses all aspects of society and identity.

While the equal opportunities and recognitions of women is important, it is crucial to have a discussion about diversity in a holistic sense, one that recognises Aotearoa’s beautiful richness and complexity. This includes gender, sexual identities, ages, ethnicities, and of course access needs. Accessibility is an umbrella identity that cultivates all identities. We know that with 25% of New Zealand living with a type of access need, it is a given that there are people from all communities within the access community.

It is crucial that we recognise and cultivate the diversity within our communities to understand the rapidly changing world that we are living in. Let’s make sure all minority groups are represented at all levels of our society to truly capture the wisdom of divergent and unique experiences. Let’s stretch our thinking about the world we are operating in. Let’s ensure that what we offer the world are serving the one million New Zealanders with access needs. Let’s imagine beyond the status quo.