Yellow turns to Gold

31st October 2016

We are very excited to be collaborating with Fab 50 member Michael Boersen of Yellow - we love Yellow’s commitment to integrating accessibility into the company’s products and subsidiaries.
This month we are excited to announce that Yellow's Tourism platform, the New Zealand Tourism Guide, has achieved a Be. Welcome Gold Accessibility Rating - a New Zealand first!
Our digital accessibility expert Kevin Prince who assessed the site told us "The New Zealand Tourism Guide takes accessibility very seriously- it is a complex site, but the team engaged enthusiastically to adapt their original design to meet the needs of access customers."
We asked Kevin what exactly was involved in achieving Gold-rated accessibility and he told us that NZTG "were able to see where the standard web designs were awkward for keyboard users or screen readers and updated their code - innovatively – to meet the needs of all users. We were particularly impressed by the way that they took a map index that only mouse users could use and made an effective keyboard interface without changing the visual appearance." This committed and responsive team have also ensured that practical accessibility is at the heart of the content they control, and added captions to all videos.
Michael says "As a business, Yellow is focused on making sure New Zealanders stay connected – in order for that to happen, we need to ensure that there are no barriers for those who have access needs". We are really looking forward to our ongoing partnership with Yellow and are sure we will have lots more fabulous stories to share in the future.