Be. On the Road

In June and July 2011, the Be. Accessible team hit the road, taking the Land of Be. to each of the rugby world cup host cities around New Zealand.  The road show began in Invercargill and travelled north over three weeks.

At each event, participants were invited to co-vision an accessible vision for their city by placing post-it notes on a Land of Be. wall banner.  

The ideas shared in the visioning sessions in each city were insightful and thought provoking. We've now started building the Be. Vision for your city and would like to invite you to continue to help us grow this!

Your current city vision is now listed on Facebook so please start adding to this. You can also download the Word or PDF document below and email in recommendations / additions to

We strongly encourage you all to continue this Be. Accessible conversation in your City by connecting with others who came along to the road show, building on these ideas and sending them to us at Be. Accessible. Perhaps some of you may even want to start a Be. coffee group to keep progressing the Be. Accessible conversation.