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  • Tapping into the accessibility economy Rachel Ramsay, Idealog

    31 October 2012


    The average Baby Boomer is the most profitable consumer in the market. They’ve got disposable income and they’re keen to spend it. They enjoy efficient service, polite staff, neatly laid out stores and like to choose from a wide range of top quality products. Now they have a new requirement to add to the mix: access. How easily can they navigate a business without physical impairments getting in the way?

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  • Speech: Launch of the Convention Coalitions 2012 Systemic Monitoring Report Hon. Tariana Turia, Minister for Disability Issues

    24 October 2012

    A speech given by Minister Tariana Turia at the launch of the Convention Coalition's 2012 Systemic Monitoring Report on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in New Zealand. 

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  • Accessibility Activist up for Attitude Award Mainland Press

    4 October 2012


    Erin Gough sees the rebuild as an opportunity to make Christchurch the most accessible city in New Zealand and the world.

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  • An access story just waiting to be written Rob O'Neill, Sunday Star Times

    2 September 2012


    For hard-nosed business people facing tough trading and a range of capital investment choices, spending money on improved accessibility for the disabled may, at first glance, seem hard to justify based on a pure return-on-investment calculation.

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  • Capturing the "Access Dollar" Nadine Chalmers-Ross, TVNZ Breakfast

    29 August 2012


    Be. Chief Executive Minnie Baragwanath is interviewed on TVNZ's Breakfast programme by the business news presenter, Nadine Chalmers-Ross and explains how New Zealand businesses could be the first in the world to capitalise on the access dollar, one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

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  • Minnie Baragwanath Interview on National Radio Kim Hill Show, National Radio

    25 August 2012


    Paul Diamond of the Kim Hill Show  interviews Be. Chief Executive Minnie Baragwanath about the opportunity for New Zealand businesses to undergo radical accessibility assessments, and the potential that accessibility offers all New Zealanders in the future.

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  • Taking a Stand on Accessibility Woes Karina Abadia, East & Bays Courier

    22 August 2012


    In this article, Karina Abadia of the East & Bays Courier explores the importance of local Councils taking a stand to work towards 100% accessible communities. She talks to Be.'s Chief Executive Minnie Baragwanath, as well as the Be. Welcome Programme Director, Megan Barclay.

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  • Accessibility: the new economic value generator? Minnie Baragwanath, Business and Economy in Auckland 2012, Auckland Council Publication

    30 July 2012


    Be. Accessible is a social enterprise working in partnership with the New Zealand Government to create a fully accessible country.

    It is a call for action for all New Zealanders to focus on 'accessibility' rather than 'disability'. This provides a new impetus and an opportunity for collaborative action towards improved accessibility to physical and social infrastructure and, in economic terms, to better serve the 'access customer'.

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  • Minister Turia Speech at Be. Accessible 2012 Celebration Hon. Tariana Turia, New Zealand Government

    27 July 2012

    A speech given by Hon. Tariana Turia at Be. Accessible's Annual Celebration event, Be. the Poss-ability on Friday 27 July 2012 at Te Marae, Te Papa in Wellington. 

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  • Sarah's Blind Ambition Kirsty Johnston, Sunday Star Times

    15 July 2012


    2011 Be. Leadership alumnus, Sarah Houbolt was recently awarded the Big 'A' Artistic Achievement Award at the Arts Access awards. We are so proud to say that this beautiful and talented performer is part of the Be. whanau and becoming an extraordinary leader in New Zealand.

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