The Fab 50

The Fab 50 are a network of influential leaders who are working alongside Be to build an accessible Aotearoa. These wonderful individuals are role models, champions, and courageous innovators. They are our support crew and our friends. The Fab 50 magnify the impact of our work, and demonstrate the powerful role high-profile leaders can play in generating social change.
The Fab 50 embrace our programmes and philosophies in their own places of work. They offer us their services, their financial investment, and their encouragement. And they act as spokespeople, thought leaders, and access ambassadors.
The best way to understand how our Fab 50 generate social change is to read their stories! Below, you can find examples of how these leaders are using their visibility, social capital, resources, and powerful networks to help us shift Aotearoa from disability to possibility.

If you would like to find out more about the Fab 50, please contact Imogen:

Meet the Fab 50

Meet the incredible individuals who make up the Fab 50...

Fab 50ers sharing a joke at the Be. Offices

Possibility Case Study

Ludo Campbell-ReidLudo Campbell-Reid is one of our network's shining stars. Learn more about the impact he is having...

“Whilst we are developing technology to colonise Mars, there are many instances in cities all over the world where it is impossible to simply cross the street. In Auckland, we cannot have a world class city without universal design."  

Activity Snapshots

Profile images of Vic Crone, Lauren Merritt, Ludo Campbell-Reid and Scott Pickering

Our Fab 50 are doing awesome things! Discover recent examples of their access leadership...


Three Invitations

Each month we come to our Fab 50 with three invitations. These invitations may reflect our immediate needs, or they might be opportunities for the group to expand their leadership and deepen their social impact. Read about this month's invitations...

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