Erica Whineray Kelly - Breast Cancer Surgeon

Erica Whineray KellyThis month we are delighted to feature our Fab 50er Erica Whineray Kelly! Erica's fierce advocacy for accessibility within healthcare is a case study in possibility leadership.

This year Erica has spoken at two major industry events - the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Annual Scientific Congress, and the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists RANZCR conference - about the need for accessible healthcare.

In July we awarded Auckland Breast Centre a Be. Welcome gold accessibility rating, making them the first healthcare provider within New Zealand to reach this standard. This accolade reflects the extraordinary willingness of the ABC team to reimagine their practice by placing the Access Citizen at the heart of all they do. During this time ABC have rebuilt their website with high colour contrast and large font size, provided accessible car-parking, made support animals welcome, and run a Be. Confident session with their team which has transformed the level of hospitality and service they offer to Access Citizens.

In addition to enabling innovation in her own businesses, and championing across at industry events, Erica also deeply invests in Be's programmes and platforms. At the 2016 Be. Leadership closing retreat, Erica spoke about her work, her personal accessibility leadership journey, and why she is championing intraoperative radiation therapy (ORT). She also spoke at our second Be. Curious event - sharing her story, revealing her aspirations for accessible healthcare, and challenging our attendees to open to possibility.

Erica and her team are forging new ground within healthcare. They are centring their work on compassion, innovation, and opportunity, rather than deficit or lack. We are already seeing the ABC team's impact stretch well beyond their own practice - their role modelling and story-telling has opened a host of new opportunities for us within healthcare. We are delighted to continue to work alongside them - exploring what is possible for Aotearoa's health services.

"Erica is an exemplar Fab 50 member. She has embraced accessibility in her professional life, with her practice becoming the first private medical centre in New Zealand to demonstrate excellent levels of access. She is courageous, pioneering, and deeply practical."

Minnie Baragwanath - CEO, Be. Accessible