Three Invitations

Each month we come to our Fab 50 with three invitations. These invitations may reflect our immediate needs, or they might be opportunities for the group to expand their leadership and deepen their social impact.

These three diverse invitations acknowledge that our Fab 50 contribute in a variety of ways. Not every member will be able to fulfil every invitation, but our 50ers are brilliant at thinking laterally. A few quick calls or emails, a strategic introduction, a little social media action - and we are underway!

This month we are inviting our Fab 50 to...

OneTalk to us about joining Microsoft as one of our Be. Lab Possibility Partners.

We are currently seeking investors and organisations who wish to support Be. as we establish the Be. Lab, and scale and deepen the impact of our existing offerings. Fab 50ers, a strategic partnership with the Be. Lab presents a chance for your organisation to step into the world of possibility – positioning yourselves firmly as future-focused, progressive, socially-conscious, and innovative (with all the accompanying benefits in new markets, talent attraction, productivity, and financial performance.) If you are interested in discussing a Possibility Partnership, please get in touch!

Yellow box containing the word twoKickstart your organisation’s access innovation journey by signing up for the Be. Lab workshops.

The Be. Lab workshops are a 3 day access innovation deep-dive. They act as a catalyst – kickstarting organisational transformation and capability development around access innovation and inclusive design. Your team will learn why access innovation is critical for their continued success, explore future-focused and systems-led approaches to accessibility, and begin to roadmap the organisation’s journey towards possibility! We are now scheduling Be. Lab workshops for early 2019.

Yellow box containing the word threeFoster access leadership by finding an applicant for our 2019 Be. Leadership programme.

Be. Leadership forms a critical part of our social change strategy by creating a community of dynamic, courageous, access-focused leaders. Our participants come from all walks of life and seek to hold themselves accountable for creating social change. Applications for the 2019 programme have now officially closed – however if you have someone in mind, please get in touch with them – and us – swiftly! This is a fantastic way to grow access leadership within your own organisation, sector, and community.

If you can support us with any of these things - or would love to contribute in another way - please contact Imogen at