Frequently Asked Questions

How is Be. Leadership different from other leadership programmes?

There are many leadership training programmes which develop skills traditionally associated with leadership. This is not one of those. Be. Leadership is not a training course. While modelled on the highly successful Leadership Victoria, Leadership Plus and Leadership New Zealand programmes, Be. Leadership is unique to New Zealand.

Participants are provided with tools to enable:

  1. Deeper and wider understanding of social leadership and accessibility issues
  2. Increased self-awareness and leadership ability
  3. Greater suitability for significant leadership roles
  4. Meaningful change for themselves and their communities
  5. A broader range of inquiry
  6. Different and better decisions
  7. Building relationships rather than making assumptions resulting in exclusion
  8. Joining a nationwide conversation on leadership and what it can achieve

How does the programme work?

Successful applicants receive information and support to assist them in planning their year on the Be. Leadership programme.

The programme spans 21 days during the year, culminating in a graduation ceremony. It also requires participants to invest preparation and follow up time. Each session focuses on a different aspect of leadership, including governance, diversity, creativity and innovation and New Zealand's place in an international context.

The yearly programme is a mix of three-day residential(live-in) and two-day sessions with plenty of time to facilitate robust conversation and relationship-building.

Each monthly session engages participants in conversation with between four and six established leaders.

How much does it cost?

The actual cost per person for the programme is $17,000. The cost of the programme, travel and some accommodation is covered by various funding partners.

Participants are encouraged and supported to fundraise $5,000 towards the cost over the programme year.

I have some more questions and/or I need support applying. What should I do?

If you have any questions about the programme please call us on 0800 Be in touch (0800 234 686) or email:

If you are Deaf and need help, you can also contact

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