Access Customers

Who are we talking about?

Access customers are the largest untapped market in the world. They make up at least 24% of New Zealand's population - over 1 million people. That is 1 in 4 New Zealanders; or 1 in 4 in your own community or family. Yet for this group, accessing businesses and organisations can be challenging.

An access customer is a person who:

  • Is blind or has difficulty reading small print
  • Uses a wheelchair or is unable to walk easily
  • Is Deaf or has trouble hearing in noisy places
  • Finds it difficult to read and understand things
  • Is carrying a child or has to manoeuvre a stroller
  • Is from a different country with a different language

In fact, we will all have access needs at some point in our lives, so a 100% accessible society will benefit us all.

In order to capture the spending power of this growing group of customers, it’s important that we make it easier for them to get into, enjoy and connect with your services and products.